About Us & What we do

Matterhorn Communications is comprised of the team who founded Vietnam’s first international public relations consultancy in 2004, and built its reputation as the preferred communications and PR partner to a host of multinational businesses looking to operate in the fast growing South East Asian nation.

With a team of proactive, well trained, multilingual Vietnamese public relations professionals who understand what it takes to ‘make things happen’ in a market where ‘gio cao su’ (rubber time) is otherwise the norm, our team is ready, willing, able and exceptionally credential-ed to meet your needs for this market.

our approach

The Matterhorn team is dedicated to making Vietnam open and transparent to international clients looking to
develop their businesses through targeted and effective communications and public relations.
Recognising that this can be a confusing, daunting and sometimes frustrating country for companies to try and operate,
our mission has always been based on an assumption that Vietnam has a lot to offer international firms, and
that international firms have a lot to offer Vietnam if only both sides could work out how to work with each other